• What is it like to experience a health center between mountains and sea? ——Strategic cooperation between European wellness hotel brand and Portuguese health center
    Update time:2023/12/1

Imagine being next to the vast Atlantic Ocean, between the mountains, with the breeze blowing through the pine forest, and being next door to the resort palace of the European royal family. What would it be like?

How comfortable is it to relax in the wellness center here?

Alterrego, a European royal wellness hotel brand, and Shamballah Health Center in Portugal jointly announced a strategic partnership this year to jointly explore the European and Asian wellness markets, to share customer resources, and to research wellness products to better serve customers.

Alterrego has 7 business pillars, Microclimate, Detection, Dining, Hydration, Sleeping, Recuperation, Motion, which establish a wellness hotel or health center. Shamballah is a perfect model of "small and beautiful" Health Center in Portugal.

From a microclimate perspective, Shamballah Center is uniquely endowed. Sintra is a mysterious and romantic town located in the rolling Sintra Mountains, facing the vast Atlantic Ocean. It is home to the luxurious palaces of the Portuguese royal family, the gorgeous mansions of the nobles, and ancient castles.

The wild sea wind is blowing from the Atlantic Ocean, with the smell of sea salt in the humidity, strong and rough. It climbs through the mountains and slowly passes through the dense pine forest. After the purification, filtration and disinfection of the pine forest, it becomes the soothing and pleasant breeze full of negative oxygen ions, which is particularly beneficial to human health.

Portugal, which is located in southern Europe, has a hot climate, but the mountainous climate here is cool and comfortable, and it is close to the capital Lisbon. No wonder the Portuguese royal family chose to build a summer palace here as a resort.

There are the Palace of Pena, which is comparable to Disneyland, the Palácio Nacional de Sintra with its two rows of white chimneys, the mysterious Palacio-Quinta-da-Regaleira, and hidden ancient well, the Castle of the Moors (equivalent to China's Great Wall), the combination of charming historical buildings and beautiful scenery form a fantastic travel destination for foreign tourists to Portugal.

The health center respects nature and protects the environment. All the electricity used in the center comes from renewable sources (wind power), the showers are run by solar heaters and the car is electric. The center uses only organic and ecological cleaning products.

For every customer 3 trees are donated in the customer’s name as part of a local reforestation project. Customers come here to recuperate their body and mind, and at the same time contribute to local environmental protection. In the long run a beautiful forest will be created, which would always remind how important the balance is between human and nature.

In terms of Dining and Hydration, the health center only purchases organic or local food, and provides nutritious and carefully prepared meals, including vegetarian and other options.

In terms of sleeping, the magnificent scenery between the mountains and the sea, the pleasant climate conditions, and the moist and cool breeze all allow customers to fall asleep easily.

In terms of recuperation, there are a variety of physical and mental recuperation activities here. From traditional yoga and massage to water floating relaxation meditation courses under the guidance of instructors, customers can relax and enjoy themselves.

The center has two founders, Ms. PATRÍCIA and Mr. Zarqa. Ms. PATRÍCIA was born in Lisbon and studied Sports and Physical Education at University for 5 years. She is passionate about dance, body consciousness, meditation, and the holistic approach to Life.

Mr. Zarqa also grew up by the sea. Zarqa has long been fascinated by the knowledge of Life that many different native people and ancient mystical traditions have. He is also a master of music, using a variety of traditional musical instruments and to help customers achieve a healthy state of natural joy.

In terms of motion, the center provides unique activity experiences, from hiking in the forest to strolling and meditating on the seaside. The magnificent scenery of the sea and sky provides customers with endless inspiration. 

The two founders are also surfing enthusiasts. After the peaceful and quiet meditation activity, the founders took the customers and surfboards to engage in exciting surfing activities. The movement and stillness combine magically.

Traditional tourism involves staying in ordinary hotels and seeing classic scenery, however wellness tourism is becoming more and more popular in Europe and has become a new trend among European elite. People stay in wellness hotels, health centers, or yoga centers, abandoning the fatigue and tension in the city into the beautiful nature, exercising their bodies and relaxing their minds.

Alterrego, a European royal health hotel brand, and Shamballah Health Center in Portugal welcome everyone to Europe, Portugal, to enjoy between the mountains and the sea. Stay for a few days, enjoy your own moment of tranquility, talk to yourself, and fill your body and mind with energy, it is so simple and joyful.


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