• European wellness hotel brand to develop high-end spa center in central Greece
    Update time:2024/1/4

European wellness hotel brand ALTERREGO joins a real estate consortium composed of multiple real estate companies (including one listed company) to work together to develop high-end spring wellness center in Thermopyles, Greece.

Thermopyles is a historic city in central Greece,and a battleground for military strategists for centuries. In 480 BC (that year was the penultimate year of the life of Chinese cultural master Confucius), 300 brave and skilled Spartan warriors resisted the invading Persian army here, finally all died heroically. The 300 warriors effectively hindered the enemy's attack and bought time for the Greek city-states to continue to resist, thus winning the final anti-invasion war. In order to commemorate the feats of the Spartan warriors, a bronze statue still stands here.

The name of Thermopyles comes from the natural resources of many hot springs nearby. It also has a unique geographical location, with mountains at its back and facing the bay, with magnificent and beautiful scenery. It is no longer a military base when the history went by,as the four-lane highway was built, it turns out to be a regional transportation hub connecting the north and south of Greece.

It brings together excellent resources, including history, sea, hot springs and forest mountains. It has always been a famous resort in Greece. It is very close to Athens and attracts a large number of tourists. After the completion of the high-end hot spring health hotel, it will become a new business card of Greek tourism. 

The high-end hot spring health hotel project is endowed with unique resources, thousand-meter beach and two natural hot spring facilities. It will be constructed and operated in two phases, After completion it will include high-end hotels, hot spring facilities, medical care, natural catering, entertainment and leisure centers, and sports facilities, exhibition center, etc. At the same time, the infrastructure is complete, including docks, parking lots, helicopter pads and sewage treatment plants. The complete period for project construction is as long as 5 years.

ALTERREGO, a European wellness hotel brand, originated from the Benelux countries (the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg). It inherits the traditional European health and wellness experience, absorbs the long historical heritage of the European royal family, and uses modern science and technology to establish a high-level health care operation and management system, the brand benefits people and improve their health.

The European wellness hotel brand ALTERREGO has rich content. The theoretical framework of ALTERREGO is "1237 Ten", with 1 theory, 2 body parts focus, 3 harmony levels, 7 business pillars, and 10 business centers. Alterrego has 7 business pillars, Microclimate, Detection, Dining, Hydration, Sleeping, Recuperation, Motion, which establish a wellness hotel management and operation system. 

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